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About J.K. Brown

J.K. Brown is a sculptor based in West Wales who is known internationally for transforming everyday waste metal into astonishingly realistic animal forms.


Having studied Fine Art Painting at Cheltenham Art College under Prof. Anita Taylor and Metal Casting and Welding at West Wales School of the Arts with sculptor Andy Griffiths his works have multidisciplinary qualities that transcend ordinary expectations of metal art.


Brown's work has been included in many collections internationally. It has been exhibited with Andy Warhol photographs, sold alongside Armand Guillaumin paintings and displayed with fine antiques.

His work has also featured in exhibitions of international contemporary artists and exhibited in Windsor Great Park, London.


In 2017 J.K. Brown has been invited to be part of an exclusive project featuring a line-up of emerging contemporary artists from Italy, America, Japan & Iran.

J.K. Brown in the media:

How do I buy a piece of art from J.K. Brown?


Presently we sell smaller sculptures through Etsy (Shop name Green hand Sculpture).


The sale of any pieces of sculpture on this website can be handled securely via direct bank transfer or Paypal.


If you have an idea for a sculpture and would like to discuss the options for a commissioned piece, then please fill out an enquiry form here.

How are the sculptures moved to the buyer?


Generally, smaller sculptures are securely packed and sent by post.

Particularly large or heavy sculptures are usually handled by specialist movers.

Occasionally we will deliver certain pieces ourselves.

All artworks are insured against damage or loss.

Can the sculptures be left outside?


Generally most of the sculptures can be shown outside – that is to say that it will not break them to be outside for a while. However the effect of the metal oxidising will change the appearance of the piece, if there’s paint it may fade or flake – subtle colouration aspects of the piece may be lost.


If a piece of sculpture is required to be specifically for an outside position, then it can be commissioned and made with this in mind.


Please contact us to discuss the possibilities.